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My clinical education and training as a psychologist is as a cognitive behavioral therapist. My private practice offered general psychological treatments for the most common issues such as anxiety disorders, depression and relationships. And more specialized treatment for chronic

My research focus at Lund University was on organizational psychology. In particular how organizations can create climates for innovation that encourage exploration and experimentation. The results of the studies suggest that a playful approach enhances creativity and innovation.

Happy Economy

This Swedish company helps organizations measure and develop happiness. I cofounded the company with Annelie Johansson, who quit her role as a multinational CEO to focus on happiness. I am currently responsible for research and development.

Successfull organizations are driven by happy employees. 

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Irreverent Research

“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible” - Richard Feynman.

Irreverent Research is my laboratory playground to test ideas and concepts.

It is an independent research institution with an unique approach that leverages rigorous scientific inquiry with unconventional methods to ask and answer the most interesting questions.

We challenge clients to rethink their thinking and get answers to the questions they haven't thought of.

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Playing at Work: doctoral thesis

Playing at Work: Organizational Play as a Facilitator of Creativity. Lund University. 

This thesis investigates how play may benefit creativity in organizational contexts. Play and playfulness have previously been linked to creativity in children and adults, but empirical organizational research is scarce. An important distinguishing feature of play is that it is frivolous, which means that play is done just for fun and no other results or outcomes are expected.The combined results of these three studies support previously proposed creativity enhancing effects of organizational play. The implications for organizations wishing to enhance creativity and innovation are that fostering a climate of playfulness may be a means of stimulating organizational creativity


books & articles


•  Creativity Research: An Interdisciplinary and Multi-Disciplinary Research Handbook.

• The Art of Happiness at Work – pdf (Swedish) Download

• Creativity: Theory and Practice. - a University Textbook (Swedish). More info here.

• Playful Office: Psychology & Design Download


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